The circular economy business model of Algoland


  • Joacim Rosenlund Linnaeus University, Sweden
  • Catherine Legrand Linnaeus University, Sweden


Circular economy, Microalgae, Business model


In the Algoland project, microalgae are used to clean water and air from industry. This is built on a long standing collaboration between research, industry and society. In this way Algoland supports the transition to a circular economy by turning pollution into biomass and potential products. This paper evaluates the potential for microalgae in industries from a circular economy perspective. The economic aspects are highlighted using a triple layered business model canvas using data from interviews and a business model workshop. Results show that the triple layered business model canvas can be used as a framework for a circular economy model. In this model industry and ecology works jointly to create value and provide ecosystem services for society. Further, the paper discusses the challenge of deciding on the value proposition in form of products and ways to extract value from these on a competitive market.


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Environment and society