Glass: so many opportunities for reusing and recycling

  • Christina Stålhandske RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Building Technology – Glass, Sweden
Keywords: waste glass, landfill, excavation, recycling


Glass is a perfect recyclable material as it can be re-melted over and over again. It is less energy consuming and leaves a much smaller carbon dioxide foot print to melt glass than melt raw-materials. We have shown that it is possible to remove lead from lead crystal and obtain a glass with less than 0,1% lead. The glass can be modified to obtain a high quality colored glass with good resistance. Thus our landfills in the Kingdom of Crystal are a resource for glass recycling and lead excavation. There are other glass streams today that are not fully recycled and they provide a complementary uncolored glass. Thus there is a wide variety of possibilities with both colored and uncolored glass which is unexplored.


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Remediation, landfill & harbor mining