How to write a successful EU-project application leverage your project ventures


  • Kamil Zajaczkowski IMCG – Green innovation and Communication, Sweden Abstract


EU-funding, public funding, applications, financing, project development


Writing an application for a public funding program can be complex and time consuming. At the same time, public funding programs play a key role in many innovation processes and are a lucrative way to finance your development ventures.

In this session Kamil Zajaczkowski from IMCG will provide the audience with key information about writing successful applications based on many years of experience from writing, managing and reporting large international EU-projects. Kamil will dive into the mechanism of writing a successful application and discuss the most common mistakes as well as provide the audience with practical advice on how to maximize their chances to acquire funding from EU- as well as national programs. The session will include:

- The most common mistakes made when writing an application and how to avoid them.

- Key success factors.

- What you should know about the project evaluation phase which may not always be obvious based on the call description.

- How to at an early stage estimate the probabilities of succeeding with your application.

The goal of the session is to both encourage the audience to apply for public funds as well as broaden the understanding for how to approach these processes.


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