Anaerobic mesophilic digestion of sludge with extra-thermophilic and high ph pre-treatment


  • Anne Menert Linnéuniversitetet
  • Ergo Rikmann Linnéuniversitetet
  • Merje Michelis Linnéuniversitetet
  • Tarmo Vaalu Linnéuniversitetet
  • Viktoria Blonskaja Linnéuniversitetet
  • Raivo Vilu Linnéuniversitetet



Anaerobic; Digestion; Extra-thermophilic; High pH; Mesophilic; Pre-treatment; Sludge.


In this study different methods of sludge pre-treatment with elevated temperatures and
pH have been selected for investigation. Five sets of sludge samples were pretreated as
follows: heating at 70°
C for 30 min, at 80°
C for 20 min, at 90°
C for 10 min, at 100°
C for
5 min and NaOH-treatment (pH 12 for 4 hours). For comparison a sample from Tallinn
(3:1 mixture of primary (dry solids 5.2%) and activated sludge (dry solids 0.5%))
was used. Extra-thermophilic pre-treatment increased the degree of hydrolyses of sludge,
enabling the following anaerobic digestion process to proceed faster than that of raw
sludge. However, extra-thermophilic pre-treatment was insufficient for removal of
nitrogen and phosphorous. Nitrogen can be easily solubilized during extra-thermophilic
pre-treatment but solubilization of phosphorous occurs only through digestion. The
production of biogas during anaerobic digestion was also dependant on the quality of the
input of pre-treated sludge. The highest cumulative volume of biogas (124 mUg COD
added) was achieved by pre-treatment at 80°C. The percentage of mineralization of pretreated sludges on mesophilic digestion was the highest with 90°
C sample - 65.9%.


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