The education sustainable development the key of eco-innovations


  • Inga Grinfelde Latvia University of Life sciences and Technologies, Latvia
  • Jovita Pilecka-Ulcugaceva Latvia University of Life sciences and Technologies, Latvia


Sustainability, holistic approach, life-long education.


The eco-innovations is one of way to sustainable development, however it is knowledge rich process and there is need for transformation of educational system. It is necessary to focus on the sustainable development of education, where the key features are: a holistic approach, planning and transformational change, and learning experience systems: learning to know - the cognitive sphere, learning to do - the conative sphere, learning to live together - the social field and learning to be the emotional sphere. The UNESCO report highlights eight key competences to achieve sustainable development objectives: systemic thinking; forecasting; regulatory approach; strategic approach; cooperation; critical thinking; self-confidence; and integrated problem solving. In order to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in education, the balance between systemic and personal approaches needs to be reconsidered in order to achieve transformation. The aim of this study is to highlight the role of education for sustainable development at eco-innovation process. In line with Objective 4th of Sustainable Development, quality education is inclusive and fair and promotes learning opportunities for all. This includes quality from early development to secondary education, technical, vocational and higher education, entrepreneurship and education for sustainable development. The World Economic Forum set out five main objectives: unlocking the infinite potential of humanity, learning to use itself as an instrument for life-long value, learning to shape the future, understanding and creating conditions for peace and learning how to be healthy and happy. The preconditions of eco-innovation are key features of education sustainable development where eight key competences to achieve sustainable development objectives play important role.


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