A novel sensor-based architecture using 5G and Blockchain for remote and continuous health monitoring


  • Adelina Basnolli Information School, University of Sheffield
  • Hasan Cana Mechatronics Engineer, Prishtina, Kosovo




blockchain, continuous and remote monitoring, health informatics, sensor-based networks, 5G data architecture


The healthcare sector strives to improve the quality of care delivered to patients, especially considering new digital technologies, such as sensor-based networks (SBN). The application of SBN can help to provide remote and continuous monitoring for patients that need continuous treatment and management. In this context, this research proposed a novel sensor-based architecture for healthcare monitoring including 5G as a recent technology for low latency data communication. Blockchain is another component that is integrated to prevent forgery, tampering and enable more secure transmission. Furthermore, this study proposed a unique data architecture that is based on a new protocol that aims to transmit gathered sensor data over existing network architecture (for example, routers) without the need for intermediate devices such as mobile phones, PDAs or tablets. The proposed data architecture is discussed for its application in healthcare through two case scenarios, continuous monitoring of chronic diseases and back pain.


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