Integrating Novel Solar Technology into Urban and Rural Spaces


  • Karim Najar Karlstad University, Sweden
  • Are Kjeang Karlstad University, Sweden
  • Venkatesh Govindarajan Karlstad University, Sweden


Concentrating Photovoltaic systems, Energy community, Solar tracking


Solar energy has been an attractive alternative to conventional sources of energy ever since the oil crisis of the 1970s. The driving factor for solar energy today is the need to combat global warming and support the electrification now underway in Swedish society. Solar energy systems (heat and electricity) are expanding rapidly. However, space requirements and low efficiencies of conversion are hurdles to be overcome. The Nyroj system is a novel idea for tracking the solar energy efficiently into a Concentrating Photovoltaic System (CPV) for electricity production. The system consists of transparent tubes (solar generators), composed of large, vertically suspended units of “integrated concentrator solar modules" (referred to as lenses in the article). With a novel and simple mechanism, the system is able to pivot these lenses to track the movement of the sun across the sky, focusing its rays on high-efficiency solar cells. Besides vertical constructions on the ground, it is also possible to integrate the system into facades and for street lighting. Coastal areas and islands in the south of Sweden are examples of locations suitable for pilot installations, which will enable one to monitor and study the role played by these systems in harnessing solar energy, along with other sustainability criteria like social acceptability and economic feasibility. This system will play a part in the ‘Energigemenskap’ (energy community) – a concept which is being promoted in the country by avid supporters of green energy and the efficient use of the same.


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