Typologies of Business Models of Integrated Home Renovation Services: Accelerating Energy Efficient Renovations for Homeowners Associations in The Low Countries and France



energy efficiency, renovation, business model, integrated home renovation services, homeowner associations


The need for energy efficient buildings has become increasingly important in the context of climate change mitigation. Across the European Union (EU), 41,2% of the population resides in multiple ownership apartment buildings with figures rising in some countries as high as 65%. A majority of these buildings are in need of energy renovation. Integrated home renovation services (IHRS) have emerged as a potential solution to accelerate  highly energy-efficient renovations for Home-Owner Associations (HOAs). The question arises: How do the business models of current integrated home renovation services address highly energy-efficient renovations by HOAs? This paper explores the current state of IHRS from the viewpoint of the Low Countries and France. The methods used are desk research and interviews. Four business models of service providers in the Netherlands, Flanders, and France were analyzed, to define their strategies within the regional context. The analysis categorizes and compares IHRS business model (BM) typologies to increase knowledge about IHRS functioning and capacity to bring innovation to home renovation processes. The results show that the BMs of these providers share some similarities and differ in other aspects. Regarding the similarities, all four providers share the value of offering customized energy renovation packages, also in terms of customer segments, by addressing the specific needs of HOAs. They slightly differ in terms of the channels used, customer relationships, key resources, key activities and key partners. They differ in revenue streams and cost structure, owing to context-specific aspects of the type of organization. The outcome of this study can help inform the development of effective and targeted IHRS initiatives in the EU.


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