Understanding and Mitigating the Effects of Flooding in Kaduna Metropolis: The Interplay of Climate Change, Urban Expansion, and Effective Management Strategies


  • Aaron John Kaduna Office of Resilience, Nigeria
  • Praise Agbe Kaduna Office of Resilience, Nigeria
  • Omotola Bankole Max Lock Nigeria Limited, Nigeria


Kaduna, Flooding, Climate change, Urban expansion, Dredging, Flood management techniques, Controlled inundation, Land-use regulation


Kaduna Metropolis continues to grapple with the impact of seasonal flooding of the Kaduna River, exacerbated by the combined effects of climate change and rapid urban expansion. However, in 2022 despite evidence of rainfall patterns and water levels higher than those resulting in the 2012 and 2015 devastating floods, there were no reported incidents of flooding. This paper explores the complex nexus of rainfall patterns, flood management techniques, the rush to inhabit flood-prone regions, and the execution of dredging as a formidable countermeasure against flood risks.

The proposed solution comprises an integrative approach, enlisting diverse stakeholders in flood control activities, with a focus on dredging - a practice of excavating sediment and detritus from water bodies. This strategy is coupled with structural measures, such as constructing culverts and storm drains, and non-structural approaches, like land-use regulation, flood detection systems, and controlled inundation.

The paper accentuates the necessity of climate-informed flood management strategies, in preparation for potential extreme weather events. Conclusively, managing Kaduna's floods necessitates a comprehensive approach, acknowledging the intricate interplay of climate, human behavior, and infrastructure. This paper lays the groundwork for bolstering flood resilience in Kaduna, offering valuable insights for other urban environments grappling with the tripartite challenges of climate change, urbanization, and flood management.


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Climate change, resilience, and adaptation of urban built environment