Self-Service Business Intelligence success factors that create value for business


  • Jonida Sinaj Department of Informatics, Linnaeus University, Sweden



SSBI, BI, Big Data, Analytics, key requirements


Business Intelligence and Analytics have change the business needs, but the market requires a more data- driven decision-making environment. Self-service Business Intelligence initiatives are providing more competitive advantages currently. The role of the users and freedom of access is one of the essential advantages that SSBI holds. Despite this fact, there is still needed analysis on how business can gain more value from SSBI, based on the technological, operational and organizational aspects. The work in this paper serves to analysis on the SSBI requirements that bring value to business. The paper is organized starting from building knowledge by upon the existing literature and exploring the domain. Data will be collected by interviewing experts of the fields. The main findings will provide future suggestion related to the topic and the results will serve both the companies that have implemented it and the ones that want to see it as a perspective in the future.


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