The Dilemmas International Research Conference is an annual event taken place in England and Sweden. The 18th Dilemmas conference (Dilemmas 2015) took place at Linnaeus University, Växjö, september 9-11, 2015, Sweden.

For further information about Dilemmas 2015 please turn to the Editorial.

This publication is a pilot for publishing open access conference publications at Linnaeus University.

The Linnaeus University Library has decided to use OJS (Open Journal Systems) for publishing conference publications. OJS is an open source software application developed by Public Knowledge Project (https://pkp.sfu.ca/) in order to make journal articles more accessible. Even though the software is developed for journals, we use it for publishing conference papers, since the system has good features. Our goal is to publish all papers open access and to provide them with a Creative Commons (CC) license.

The organizer of the conference Dilemmas was interested in trying this method of publishing and we are grateful for the opportunity to develop this model in collaboration with them.

The Linnaeus University Library

Viveka Svensson