Informed Systems for Participatory Organizations : Contributions from International Researchers


  • Mary M. Somerville University Libraries, University of the Pacific ; School of Information Systems, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology



participatory design, informed systems, informed learning


Informed Systems honors stakeholder perspective and values information experience through inclusive construction of workplace systems and participatory processes. Enabling design tools and inclusive information processes support planning and building organizational communication systems for evidence based inquiry and continuous team learning. In this North American example, international researchers’ contributions illustrate the efficacy of introducing theory from Australia and methods from Sweden to re-invent an academic library. To initiate transformative change at the University of Colorado Denver, Scandinavian participation design practices guided co-creation of shared vision and systems purpose.. Building upon these catalytic collective experiences, an organizational learning culture was advanced through introduction of Australian informed learning principles. This maturation model guided enactment of evidence-based decisionmaking and decision taking practices for information sharing and knowledge exchange activities. Longitudinal results suggest that such conversation-rich dialogic organization development benefits from introduction and guidance by international researchers with deep knowledge and nuanced experience.


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