Complexities and Dilemmas in the Sharing Economy : The Uber Case


  • Christine Boshuijzen – van Burken Department of Informatics, Linnaeus University
  • Darek M. Haftor Department of Informatics, Linnaeus University



sharing economy, multi-aspectual analysis, Uber, digital technologies, normative analysis, Dooyeweerd


By taking Uber as a case, we take a practice focus, in-depth analysis of the sharing economy. The business model that is typical for the sharing economy is based on using underutilized goods by private persons through digital technologies. In this paper, we bring together the complex reality of the sharing economy with a philosophical tool for analyzing normative issues. We listed a number of issues that were raised in debates, protests and court files that creates tensions and dilemmas for regulators and established industries and categorized them in a table with potentially normative aspects of the issues. The categorization was done through a multi-aspectual analysis. It revealed that next to several public complaints and worries, also other, presumably overlooked aspects, may give rise to moral issues and dilemmas at a deeper level.


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