Designing the Interactive Relations of Complex Systems : Ocean Operations as Research Resources


  • Yushan Pan Norwegian University of Science and Technology ; University of Oslo



Cooperative systems, design, maritime operations


My research aims at developing knowledge in the design of maritime systems by developing a new understanding of interactive relations. I have chosen to study a basic maritime operation at sea using dynamic positioning systems, as well as other operations associated with this basic task management throughout a maritime operational action. In following offshore operations in different offshore oilfields, I have observed and interviewed bridge operators, captain, crewmembers on the ship’s deck, and engine engineers in their workplace. I found that how humans cooperatively interact with maritime operating systems is reflected in human performance related to daily work management. However, cooperative work is insufficiently supported by current maritime cooperative systems. Thus, I argue that interactive relations should be taken into account to improve the design of cooperative systems. In line with this, I incorporate insights from Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and using awareness as a concept in ANT
to gather, cook and interpret data from field work in order to achieve a better design of cooperative systems.


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