Information Management as a Tool for Organizational Learning in Academic Libraries : Summarized Research Proposal


  • Niki Chatzipanagiotou Department of Informatics, Linnaeus University



Information Management, Information, Organizational Knowledge Creation, Organizational Learning, Academic Libraries


In this paper, I briefly present my doctoral thesis research proposal. Recognizing that information has long been an important asset for any organization, I wish to explore in depth the management and use of information in contemporary information-intensive organizations such as academic libraries. Additionally, this research proposal emerges out of recognition that the academic library is a dynamic, living information and knowledge creation organization. Fulfillment of this potential requires that information processes are integrated in the academic library’s daily work life in order to contribute to organizational learning. However, the literature confirms that while academic library managers manage and use information as a commodity, they do not manage and use it as an asset for their organization which could lead to organizational learning. Through a systems thinking approach and drawing on the theories of information management, organizational knowledge creation and organizational learning, this interpretive ethnographic research study wishes to explore the perceptions of academic library managers regarding the management and use of information for the better operation and development of their organization. This research proposal serves as a starting point for an exploratory research study on Information Management that can contribute to organizational learning in academic library organizations.


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