The #MeeToo Movement as an e-Discourse: Social and Legal Effects


  • Marcel Danesi University of Toronto, Canada
  • Laura Ervo Örebro University
  • Lukas Kindberg Örebro University
  • Kerstin Nordlöf Örebro University



In this article, the #MeToo movement, as a socio-political form of e-discourse (discourse enacted on social media platforms and other types of online channels), will be examined in terms of the effectiveness of its discursive forms and the kinds of effects these have had on social consciousness generally with regard to sexual misconduct in the workplace, and in terms of the cases it has made famous against individuals via “trial-by-social-media,” and their outcomes in people’s lives. The specific cases discussed in this paper are those concerning well-known Swedish and American media personalities, which are assessed within a broad discourse and legal framework. Overall, we conclude that, while movement has had a profound effect on social consciousness, so far it has not impugned the validity of legal systems in countries such as Sweden and the United States.

#MeToo, e-discourse, social media trials, legal systems, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, sexual abuse


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