Vol. 8 (2024)
Published: 2024-03-17

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Meta-Psychology is an Open Access journal that publishes theoretical and empirical contributions that advance psychology as a science through critical discourse related to individual articles, research lines, research areas, or psychological science as a field. Important contributions include meta-science,  systematic reviews, meta-analyses, replications, tutorials, and commentaries.

We encourage pre-registered studies and Registered Reports (i.e., peer-review on the basis of theory, methods, and planned data-analysis, before data has been collected).  Manuscripts introducing novel methods are welcome, but equally so tutorials on established methods that are still poorly understood by psychology researchers. We further welcome papers introducing statistical packages or other software useful for psychology researchers.

Meta-Psychology aims to be as open and transparent as possible, and this include open peer review, as well as open data, code and materials. There are no article processing fees for publishing in the journal.

Authors considering submitting to Meta-Psychology should start by reading the about the journal section.

Transparent editorial process

The fully transparent editorial history (including reviews) of all articles ever submitted to Meta-Psychology can be found here: This is archived with some delay. To see the current submission follow this link:

Meta-Psychology is supported by a grant from the Swedish Research Council.