Similar event-related potentials to structural violations in music and language

A replication of Patel, Gibson, Ratner, Besson, & Holcomb (1998)

  • Joshua de Leeuw Vassar College


We report a replication of Patel, Gibson, Ratner, Besson, and Holcomb (1998). The results of our replication are largely consistent with the conclusions of the original study. We found evidence of a P600 component of the event-related potential (ERP) in response to syntactic violations in language and harmonic inconsistencies in music. There were some minor differences in the spatial distribution of the P600 on the scalp between the replication and the original. The experiment was pre-registered at We conducted this experiment as part of an undergraduate cognitive science research methods class at Vassar College; we discuss the practice of integrating replication work into research methods courses.


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