Welcome to Kalmar!

  • Jean Pariès


As President of the Resilience Engineering Association, I am delighted to welcome you all to the 8th Resilience Engineering Symposium. As we hold one roughly every 2 years, it means that the Resilience Engineering movement is 16 years old. Indeed, the founding workshop was hold in Söderköping, here in Sweden, less than 200 Km to the North, in October 2014. So in a way, for some of us – the "bleached-under-the-harness"-, this is a return to the roots. Thanks for joining us! I bet you will not regret it. Not only because Kalmar is a great place to visit (particularly at this time of the year,( in order to maximize one’ exposure to sunlight), but also simply because this will be a great conference. I can perceive the precursory signs: a great organization by the Linnaeus University team, a great program, more than 140 participants registered, and an exhilarating question in front of us – how to help our Industry and our Societies to outmaneuver the challenge of the ubiquitous growth of complexity?


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