Resilience in a world of barriers: an update on resilience within the swedish nuclear industry

  • Helen Alm Vattenfall AB, Sweden


To what extent is the nuclear industry embracing resilience engineering (RE)? What are the challenges of implementing RE in this industry? This presentation will argue that nuclear might be the industry where it is needed the most.The nuclear industry is taking some actions reflecting an implementation of resilience engineering, without using that vocabulary.

Three characteristics of the nuclear industry will be presented that both support and, at the same time, slows down the use of RE as a concept. Today RE is notan established concept in nuclear industry at large. However, there is a search for new solutions to old problems within nuclear and RE might be a part of the answer.

In the nuclear industry the embrace of RE is driven by a scattered crowd of resilience engineering enthusiasts, most of the safety professionals, ambitiously employing the concepts of RE where they can and where they find it suitable.Lastly it will be discussed what new actions can be taken in order to truly speed up the embrace of resilience engineering in practice.


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