Resilience Shift program: objectives, execution and preliminary results


  • Jan Reier Huse Lloyd’s Register Foundation, London, UK
  • Oliver Pritchard Resilience Shift, London, UK
  • Juliet Mian Resilience Shift, London, UK
  • Xavier Aldea Borruel Resilience Shift, London, UK



Resilience, Critical infrastructure systems, value chain, socio-technical systems


The Resilience Shift (RS) was established in 2016 to address the recommendations of the Lloyd's Register Foundation's 'Foresight review of resilience engineering'. The initial 5-year programme is funded by Lloyd's Register Foundation, with Arup as host institution. Its aim is to inspire and empower a shift in critical infrastructure resilience thinking and practice so that engineered structures and infrastructure will be not only safer but also better. This paper provides a summary of the Resilience Shift’s aims and objectives and explains the programme execution. Building resilience of critical infrastructure requires decisionmakers working in different industry sectors to understand ‘what’ can be done, ‘why’ it should be done, and ‘how’ to put it into practice. All results from the Resilience Shift programme are publicly available through the organisation’s website, which can be accessed at:


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