Resource-centric business continuity and resiliency planning

  • Taro Kanno The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Chie Ishida Japan Red Cross College of Nursing, Japan
  • Takayuki Kanesaka Carepro Inc., Japan
  • Risa Okada Carepro Inc., Japan
  • Takashi Kawazoe Carepro Inc., Japan
  • Kazuaki Tae LE.O.VE Inc., Japan
  • Jun Sato Tokyo Health Care University, Japan
Keywords: Business continuity and resilience plan (BCP), Resource-centric framework, Medical institutions


This paper presents a new framework for simple design and evaluation of business continuity and resilience plan (BCP) for medical institutions based on the categories of resources required for business continuity and the three phases of emergency response: preparedness, response, and recovery. Considering home-visit nursing stations as a use case study, this work also presents the manner in which the proposed framework can be used for the design and evaluation of BCPs.


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