Från studerande i pedagogik till forskningsledare i utbildningsvetenskap

en resa genom det pedagogiska kunskapsområdets omvandling

  • Christina Gustafsson Gävle högskola och Uppsala universitet


The first part of the article reports a few daily reflections from my last years of work focusing the teacher role, the researcher role, the administrator role and the role of the teacher/researcher in third stream activities. The progress can be summarized quite negatively - less time dedicated to heterogeneous student groups, changing opportunities to achieve analytical and critical skills, increased governance in scientific achievements, reduced collegial "power" and reduced interest to be engaged in third stream activities. The second part of the article is about the relationship between education/pedagogy, didactics/curriculum studies and educational science. Didactics was discussed as part of improving research basis for prospective and active teachers. One conclusion is that more than fifteen years of discussion hardly favored the subject of education, but highlighted the importance of subject didactics. Another conclusion is that neither the introduction of educational science became the solution to research appeals for teachers and teacher education as originally thought. Accordingly, more than thirty years of discussion first about finding the relationship between pedagogy and didactics and then to clarify the relationship to educational science has hardly led to any illumination regarding the boundaries of the subject of education.


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