NorVIS 1st Young Researchers Conference: Abstracts 2022




vision, stroke, vision rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation


The first NorVIS Young researchers conference was held at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) in Kongsberg on November 16–18, 2022. The aim of the conference is to be an arena for young researchers (in career, not necessarily in age) to share knowledge, get to know each other and stimulate to more research within vision in stroke or other brain injury. The interdisciplinary meeting was organised as a one-day meeting, with presentations including study protocols, master’s project, PhD and post doc clinical research. The meeting was organised by Torgeir S. Mathisen and Helle K. Falkenberg from USN, who also served in the scientific committee together with Antonio F. Macedo (Linnaeus University) and Mirjam van Tilborg (Hogeschool Utrecht). The abstracts from contributed authors are listed in the order of presentation.


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